Reversing Flooding from Lake-Effect Rain with Professional Water Damage Restoration in Chicago, IL

The lake-effect snow frequently seen during the winter and spring in Chicago, IL, and surrounding areas gets a lot of press on TV weather stations, radio reports, and other media. While this snow is certainly a factor for Chicago residents and business owners alike, the lake also gives a rainy prelude to the snow worth taking note of during the fall months. Lake-effect rain can also have a significant impact on the cities and towns bordering Lake Michigan, and can even lead to large scale flooding and damages. If you experience water damage due to lake-effect rain this fall, contact ServiceMaster DSI for emergency water damage restoration in Chicago, IL.

Lake-effect rain normally occurs for a few short weeks leading up to the winter season, and as a result is not widely recognized in most weather reports. However, this rainy fall season can create situations conducive to flash flooding, pooling water, and overall excess water in Chicago.


Why Does Lake-Effect Rain Happen?

When air flowing from the west coast cools over the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains, it reaches the Midwest as the beginning signs of winter. When this air, which is often 20º to 25º colder than the water in Lake Michigan, spreads over the lake, it releases moisture. In winter, this precipitation would fall as the lake-effect snow we all know and love, but because of the warmer lake waters, the moisture drops as rain.

The conditions for lake-effect rain almost always occur only during the fall when early cold air from the west hits the still-warm air and waters of the Midwest. This also means that the clashing air masses often lead to stormy weather.

The storms and heavy rains of lake-effect weather during the fall have proven dangerous for Chicago homeowners and businesses, putting them at risk for severe flooding and water damage. Even now, as the warmth of the summer follows the city into October, cool air from the west has begun forming thunderstorms and rainstorms frequently each week.

If the lake-effect rain of the fall season leaves you struggling with water damage this year, you can count on ServiceMaster DSI for large scale, comprehensive water damage restoration in Chicago, IL. Contact us at (844) 413-3130 for 24/7/365 emergency services.

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