Aftereffects of Hurricanes: Dealing with Water Damage Repair

When discussing hurricanes, most people think about the state of Florida as it is greatly affected by the natural occurring storms. Louisiana, Alabama, and other coastal states also see the first effects of hurricanes. Inland states, including Missouri, can experience the disastrous aftereffects of a downgraded hurricane or tropical storm.


As a part of the ServiceMaster Recovery Management network—a national disaster restoration network—your local ServiceMaster DSI has firsthand experience managing restoration work after hurricanes and tropical storms.


In the late summer and early fall months, Missouri can be affected by hurricane weather which can result in water entering the home. Without proper water damage repair in Kansas City, MO, your home may have more costly repairs or additional damage in the future.


When the remnants of a hurricane enter the state of Missouri, it can bring heavy rains and strong winds. Homeowners need to be aware of how their property can be affected. Depending on the location and type of home, damage can include flooding in the basement or lower level areas. High winds can cause fallen trees, roof damage, and broken windows.


When water enters a home due to a natural disaster, it can lead to major damage. You not only have the physical damage from the water, but also structural damage. Water soaks into most materials including wood, fabrics, flooring, ceilings, and walls.


The longer water is allowed to sit inside the home, the more extensive the cleanup process becomes. When your home is affected by water damage, contacting our water damage repair technicians in Kansas City, MO immediately can help restore your home as quickly as possible.


Water Damage Repair Process

When your home is affected by a natural disaster, acting quickly is key. Whether it’s from holes in the roof or damage to the walls or foundation, the source of the water needs to be stopped. In some cases, the weather will have to clear before water will stop entering the home.


Once the water is no longer coming into your home, the restoration process can begin. Standing water will need to be removed, and your belongings as well as structural components of the space reviewed to ensure the home is properly treated.


If your Kansas City, MO home is in need of water damage repair, contact our experts immediately at (844) 413-3130. We’re here to help!

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