Diving In: How to Tackle a Hoarder’s Home with Hoarding Cleanup in Kansas City, MO

As we age, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to begin to collect possessions. From knickknacks to books, clothing, etc., seniors enjoy collecting. Sometimes, however, collecting goes further and becomes a hoarding issue. Time and time again we have helped families clean the homes of loved ones that became overwhelmed with clutter and debris. A hoarder’s home can be a health hazard in more ways than one. If you’re dealing with cleaning a home that has been subject to hoarding, we can help with our hoarding cleanup services in Kansas City, MO.


Recognizing Hoarding

If you’re like most people, you probably had no idea that your loved one was living in a hoarding situation. Most hoarders know how to hide their behavior until it’s too late. For many, the home of a hoarder becomes a danger zone, filled with feces and urine due to pets or the inability to visit the bathroom in the home.

Once the hoarding reaches dangerous levels, it’s imperative that hoarding cleanup services in Kansas City, MO are provided. The individuals living in the home will be safer and the home will be less likely to fall into further disrepair.

If you’ve noticed your loved one is living in a hoarding situation and needs help, let our team of experts provide the essential cleaning services.


Tackling the Mess

Hoarding scenarios vary, so while one home may be filled with piles of stuff, another may be a biohazard due to urine and feces as well as animal carcasses, be it pets or mice/rats. Whatever the situation, our ServiceMaster DSI hoarding cleanup crew in Kansas City, MO can help.

We’re prepared to tackle any mess and can change a difficult situation into a happy home once again. We know how to clean a space and help the individual learn how to deal with the issues behind the hoarding. Let our team provide the essential cleanup services to give your loved one a fresh start at life.


To learn more about our hoarding cleanup services, give our team a call at (844) 413-3130 today.

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