Steps to Take After a Hurricane Hits Your Business

In the event that your company experiences a hurricane loss, use the following checklist to help manage the situation and minimize business interruption:

1. Notify Essential Contacts:

• Emergency contacts

• Emergency Response Contractor

• Insurance carrier/broker and other primary contacts

2. Minimize Additional Damage:

Included in the language of virtually all insurance policies is a disclaimer holding the “insured” accountable for taking steps to help reduce any further damage. SRM can help ensure proper steps are taken to mitigate the situation and prevent additional damage.

3. Execute a Communications Plan:

In addition to those who are part of the recovery process, it will be necessary to inform staff members who will be charged with internal/ external communication to employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders as to what is going on and expected next steps.

4. Assess the Damage:

The recovery team should begin the task of damage assessment as soon as reasonably possible upon receiving the authorization to return to the facility. Take the time to document the loss, take photos and identify any potential hazards.

5. Restore Fire Protection:

To reoccupy a facility, the fire protection/suppression system must be operable or adequate alternatives must be established.

6. Begin Preventative Maintenance:

Once there is no danger associated with the effects of the loss, begin the process of protecting property and equipment.

7. Start the Reclamation Process:

Begin the cleaning and restoration process as soon as possible. Exposure to water can cause irreparable damage if not addressed in a timely fashion.

8. Keep Tabs on Costs:

It is important to your business and your insurance carrier that people in the organization track the costs associated with the claim process. Make sure you can readily identify and capture expenses directly related to the claim.

9. Enact Temporary Repairs:

As an extension of reducing any further damage, temporary repairs should be performed if they will save, protect or preserve property/equipment, and to improve personnel safety.

10. Complete Final Repairs and Replacement:

Once all parties have agreed on scope of services required to return to pre-loss condition and funds have been authorized, finalize repairs or if  necessary replace “totaled” items.

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