Recovering from Spring Flooding and Storm Damage with Professional Disaster Restoration in Chicago, IL

April may have passed, but springtime rain showers are nowhere near an end. For the next month, high humidity and precipitation will continually sweep across the Midwest, soaking topsoil and raising water levels in rivers, lakes, and streams. In humid continental climates like the Midwestern U.S., spring is the time of year with the highest risk of flooding and water damage. If your home or business experiences large scale water damage from soggy weather this spring, ServiceMaster DSI provides comprehensive disaster restoration in Chicago, IL.

Chicago receives precipitation year round, but spring is the wettest season. Snow is a possibility, even into May, and frequent rains spread from March until June. Strong thunderstorms are also common during Chicago springs, blasting the city with high winds, damaging hail, and heavy rains.

On average, monthly spring and summer rainfall in Chicago reaches 4 inches, approximately 1 inch higher than fall and precipitation, and 3 inches higher than winter precipitation. This rapid accumulation of precipitation puts buildings at risk of water damage from the following:

  • Basement flooding from groundwater
  • Flooded crawlspaces from leaky roofs
  • Structure flooding from clogged gutters and leaky roofs
  • Location-based flash flooding causing severe property damage
  • Pooling water around foundations
  • Rains causing saturated and swollen lumber
  • Exposure to water and humidity causing material corrosion

Lake-effect weather also poses significant problems in the spring. With such a close proximity to Lake Michigan, the contrasting cold lake waters and warm spring air create a new source of weather patterns from high winds and thunderstorms to even more rain. Storm damage from lake-effect rains and inclement spring weather adds to the increased risk of large-scale water damage in and around Chicago, IL, during the spring.

From home to business, no building is completely safe from the potential of water damage. If you’re struggling with water damage or other disaster circumstances, you can count on ServiceMaster DSI for the best in professional recovery services. Our expert damage restoration technicians are trained and equipped to remediate all damage and return homes and businesses to pre-loss conditions.

For more information about our comprehensive disaster restoration in Chicago, IL, contact ServiceMaster DSI at (844) 413-3130 today.

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