ServiceMaster Recovery Management Donates to Chicago Blackhawks Foundation to Help with COVID-19 Community Support

As the Covid-19 Pandemic continues, the impact being felt across the country extends well beyond the immediate effects of the virus. Schools which remain closed leave many children looking for another source of food and lunches. Workers laid off struggle to provide for their families. Community activities being cancelled means children are left trying to find constructive activities. All of these effects have certainly taken a toll on the community.  

To help impacted communities, ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) has partnered with the Chicago Blackhawks to support their COVID-19 response. As part of the Chicago Blackhawks 17 Seconds campaign commemorating the two goals scored during the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals within 17 seconds, SRM will be donating $17,000 to the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation which will be used for COVID-19 emergency response and community recovery efforts.  The Chicago Blackhawks Foundation mission includes creating a healthier, smarter and more secure world for families. This ideal is mirrored by the SRM organization and employees.

“Every aspect of our company is built around helping people recover from uncertain events which have in one form or another disrupted their lives or business. While this more commonly refers to disasters like hurricanes, fires, or severe weather, the COVID-19 Pandemic has certainly impacted families and businesses in an unprecedented way.” Stated SRM President and CEO, Jim Boccher. He continued, “Last year we partnered with the Chicago Blackhawks as their presenting sponsor because their values align with ours. This is another great example of those shared values and support of the community we serve.”

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