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We have the experience and expertise senior living communities require

When a senior living facility is impacted by a disaster such as a hurricane, failed sprinkler system or fire, the restoration process becomes more complicated due to the nature of the facility. There are many aspects senior living communities need to account for, which other facility types may not have to consider such as patient logistics, temporary support services and high-risk resident health. Staff and administration must react quickly to help protect their residents and property. ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) understands this urgency and the importance of maintaining the highest level of service to not only restore your community in the most effective way, but also help maintain resident satisfaction throughout the process.

We recognize that completing a senior living community restoration goes beyond simply having the equipment and knowledge related to the facility restoration itself. You need a full-service restoration contractor that can not only handle the structure restoration, but also document restoration and recovery, content restoration and medical electronics restoration. Rest assured we can help with all aspects of your restoration and have the expertise to provide specialized medical equipment restoration if needed.

What makes us the leading senior living restoration provider?

Senior living restoration is not just about larger scale damage, it requires a great deal of expertise regarding highly complex aspects such as resident logistics and potential evacuation, reducing operational impact of the restoration and understanding various area such as; dining and activity halls. Over decades of working on senior living facilities of all types we have developed a fully comprehensive service specifically engineered for senior living communities. Some of the elevated standards we maintain within our process include;

  • Healthcare Construction Certification (ASHE)
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Phased Restoration and Construction Plans
  • ICRA Protocol Compliant – Guidelines + Regulations
  • Low VOC Products
  • Bilingual Trained personnel
  • Daily Project Communication
  • Limited Patient Interruption

What is a Full-Service Restoration Contractor?

To us, being a full-service restoration contractor means clients only have one number to call and a single point of contact for every aspect of your restoration from mitigation to reconstruction and everything in-between. Many other companies claim to be full-service, but do not provide the comprehensive offerings we know to be critical such as; advanced equipment restoration and re-certification, document and content restoration, temporary containment, environmental testing and remediation, emergency power, patient or resident logistics project planning or any of the other services that may be required.

ServiceMaster Recovery Management’s vast network has the experience needed to maintain your operations throughout the restoration process, so you can service your residents. SRM also knows you have a great deal of valuable, high-tech equipment that requires specialized cleaning. You can be confident knowing SRM has the necessary experience and expertise to perform your restoration on a large scale, and in sensitive environments as well. Plus, SRM’s wealth of resources which include a network of more than 600 locations and the backing of a $3 billion company, give us the alliances that allow us to secure scarce resources, like generators, water and fuel, vital to quickly restoring operations in declared disaster areas.

Q: Are you HIPAA compliant and Health Care Construction (ASHE) Certified?
A: Yes. We carry HCC/ASHE certification and follow HIPAA compliance throughout your entire restoration project.

Q: Do you provide daily reports?
A:  Yes. We provide detailed PMRs (project manager reports) each and every day of your project. We also send out a site audit photo report. These can be sent to multiple individuals on your staff if preferred helping eliminate confusion and maximize communication.

 Q: Can you help with patient or resident logistics?
A: Yes. We will meet with you to determine what aspects of you facility operations have been disrupted such as patient check-in stations being damaged, resident rooms being affected, common areas that may require temporary solutions or nurse’s stations needing to be relocated. We will then devise the best possible plan to allow your facility to continue treating patients and housing residents.

Q: What type of medical equipment do you repair? Or can you repair (ex; GE big bore CT)?
A: We repair and recommission all types of medical equipment from x rays and linear accelerators to MRI and CT machines. We partner with the largest electronics restoration companies in the country and have a highly specialized team of individuals for all aspects of medical equipment repair. (See a partial list below)

COVID-19 and Senior Living Communities

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, senior living communities have been forced to take a look at how they plan and prepare for disasters. This includes not only having a restoration provider who can help with COVID-19 decontamination, but one that can also work with senior living facilities to modify their current disaster plan to account for changes caused by COVID-19.



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