Safely Treating Crime Scenes and Car Accidents with Trauma Cleanup in Chicago, IL

Accidents and crime scenes are morbid realities in Chicago, just as they are in any other city, town, or otherwise populated area. As much as people living in proximity builds a sense of support and community, it also breeds strife. From gang wars to car accidents, the urban landscape sees its fair share of gore. While those who live in areas where these events occur see the damage on the news each day, they don’t often see what happens when the news moves on from the scene. This means that many don’t consider the cleanup process. Fortunately, they don’t have to. ServiceMaster DSI provides comprehensive, large-scale trauma cleanup in Chicago, IL, for events with biohazardous or otherwise dangerous materials.

Because of the large population of Chicago—in combination with countless other variables—there are crime scenes and car accidents virtually every day.


Each year, Illinois roads see around 700-800 car accidents each day. This adds up to over 250,000 accidents per year. Accumulated statistics show that these Illinois crashes, on average, kill around 900 people every year. Injuries involved in these accidents affect over 84,000 people yearly. Because Chicago makes up over 2.7 million of the 12.8 million population of Illinois, a significant number of the car accidents included in the average are within the metro limits.

In Chicago, like many other cities, car accidents are not the only cause of injury and death. This year alone, over 900 shootings were reported in Chicago limits. The total for the previous year surpassed 4,000, with a reported total of exactly 4,368. These shootings resulted often in death and injury, leaving behind a scene rife with pathogens and other biohazardous materials.

Despite the well-oiled system of public transportation in Chicago, many people and businesses still own and operate motor vehicles in the city, and still more cars are in use throughout surrounding suburban areas. Accidents happen every day, and Chicago residents need protection from the potentially hazardous materials left behind after each collision.

Similarly, crimes like shootings, homicides, and suicides are reported on the news each day. While these tragic events pose even bigger problems than the mess, it is still critical for any biohazardous or otherwise dangerous materials to be removed from the crime scene immediately to prevent further danger.

ServiceMaster DSI provides professional trauma cleanup for when dangerous situations get messy, including events like crimes, accidents, laboratory damage, hoarding, and more. For more information about our emergency large-scale trauma cleanup in Chicago, IL, contact us at (773) 770-4512 today.

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