Removing Smoke and Soot Residue: Learning More about Fire Damage Restoration in Indianapolis, IN

When a fire takes place in the home, there are three main types of smoke and residue that can be present. Our fire damage restoration experts are trained to recognize how your Indianapolis, IN home was affected and take the appropriate actions to restore your home to its former state. By learning more about these smoke and residue types, you can understand better just how your home might be affected when a fire occurs.


When plastic or fabric is burned, it creates a synthetic residue due to the materials being oil-based. Window coverings, carpeting, furniture, and electronics can all create this type of residue. Synthetic materials create a thick black smoke and a smeary type of residue is left behind. Such residue and smoke must be cleaned properly with our fire damage restoration services in Indianapolis, IN to ensure success.

 Natural Smoke and Residue

When natural products like paper and wood burn, they create what is known as natural smoke and residue. A dry, powdery residue similar to what you see after a bonfire has gone out is created. This type of residue is easier to clean.


When proteins like meat and beans are burned, it creates a residue that’s yellow-brown in color, and the texture of the residue will be greasy due to the fat content of the protein. The greasy texture can be difficult to clean and requires the right tools and experience that our fire damage restoration experts can provide.

When your Indianapolis, IN home is affected by fire, it can be damaged in several ways due to the smoke, residues, and actual flames. It’s important to have a quality team by your side that knows what to do to restore your home. When your home suffers from a fire, contact our office immediately at (844) 413-3130. We can provide the essential assistance you need to restore your home to its former state as quickly as possible.

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