Overflowing Sewer System? Rely on Sewer Backup Cleanup in Denver, CO

As homeowners, we rely on many systems to function every day. One area that doesn’t receive much attention is the sewer system. We use the bathroom regularly and flush the toilet but don’t really give the system much thought until an issue arises. In many homes, a horrible situation that can occur is when the sewage system becomes backed up. This can cause an overflow into the home which can be hazardous to your health, not to mention messy! With professional sewer backup cleanup in Denver, CO, you have a team that can help with any issue.


Overwhelming Mess

When a sewage system overflows, the homeowner is left to deal with messy water that can include urine and feces. This can create a health hazard in the home and be damaging to your flooring as well as furniture. Overflow often happens in the bathroom, and damage can be minimal if the problem is taken care of quickly.


With a professional team providing sewer backup cleanup in your Denver, CO, home, you can rest easy knowing the mess will be taken care of in no time. Experts in sewage cleanup know how to remove the mess and maintain a clean and healthy environment.


Overflow can create a small containable mess, or the water mixed with human waste can flow into other areas of the home. Contacting our ServiceMaster DSI office immediately will ensure that your home is taken care of and any sewage backup in the home is removed with care.


Water Damage

With a sewage issue, the water damage to the home can be quite extensive. When water is flowing from the toilet or other areas such as the drains of your shower or sink, it can build up quickly. If you’re home, you can hopefully catch the issue early. If you’re away, you may return to find standing water in the home.


Water can quickly begin to damage surfaces of the home including the walls, flooring, and furniture. With the help of ServiceMaster DSI, the sewer backup cleanup issue is dealt with quickly to ensure that your Denver, CO, home is free of filthy water and hazardous waste.


Give ServiceMaster DSI a call today to learn more at (844) 413-3130. We look forward to working with you.

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