The new year often brings lofty goals for your policyholders like organizing their home. January 24th is Organize Your Home Day. Your policyholders may have that one room in the house that gets ignored due to time constraints or the amount of clutter. Organize Your Home Day was established to help homeowners de-clutter their home. It can also help your policyholders restore order to their homes in a time of uncertainty. Clutter in your policyholders' home is also a fire hazard. Boxes, paper, and clothing can block vital exit points and are extremely flammable. Check out below for our Organize Your Home Checklist. 

Room by Room

Have your policyholders start with one room. This will help them focus and make the task less daunting.

Small Storage Solution

Have your policyholders look for storage containers for the appropriate spaces. Fruit baskets for kitchen counters, plastic bins with labels for the pantry and many more.

Daily Routines

Have your policyholders start daily routines to reduce the amount of clutter in their home. Routines like clearing the counter every day and organizing mail when it is brought in can reduce disorder in the home. 

Organize Your Home Checklist

Questions? Call us at 844-413-3130

Questions? Call us at 844-413-3130


ServiceMaster DSI has created a Organize Your Home Checklist for you to share with your policyholders. Click below to learn more home organization tips.