New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home and Safety

With the new year comes the inevitable New Year’s resolutions. According to research, more than half of all adults make some type of New Year’s resolution, while less than 10% successfully keep them. While there are the standard resolutions such as; losing weight and quitting smoking, some new resolutions have made their way into Top 15 Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions list. Some of the newer additions include, breaking a smartphone addiction and eating at home more. Many people state that, in hindsight, the resolutions they set were unrealistic or they were not realistic about the effort it would take. Here are 5 simple, realistic resolutions around your house to help keep you and your family healthy and happy this year.

  1. Create a safe home
    Properly installed smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can truly help save your life in case of an emergency. The National Fire Protection Association offers tips on installing and maintaining smoke alarms.
  1. Organize your home
    A disorganized and cluttered home not only makes otherwise simple tasks more difficult; it can directly attribute to increased levels of stress in your home. Getting rid of clutter and organizing your home can be the best and cheapest way to reduce stress and help you feel better.
  1. Develop a way to maintain a clean home
    Often times, people become frustrated when soon after they clean and organize their home, they notice the house has once again become cluttered and disorganized. This is an indication that you need to develop an effective system for maintaining a clean home. Start by identifying some of the common challenges such as throwing coats on the floor when entering the home, or dishes left in the sink. Often, a simple solution such as getting a coat rack or utilizing your dishwasher’s express cycle can help with these obstacles. Having an ongoing maintenance plan is crucial to success.
  1. Complete home improvement projects as a family
    Whether it is painting, redecorating or even creating flowerboxes outside, completing projects with others provides a sense of unified accomplishment and helps strengthen bonds. You don’t have to gut your master bath, just start with something simple and build to more complex projects as you are comfortable.
  1. Maintain your home’s systems
    Simple tasks such as changing your furnace filters and utilizing exhaust fans in your bathroom during showers can help reduce airborne particulates such as dust and mold. These contaminants can have a drastic impact on your heath and respiratory system.

Now that you have 5 realistic New Year’s resolutions, it is important to avoid some of the common pitfalls which may prevent you from achieving success. Here are 3 ways to help;

  1. Tell people your New Year’s resolutions
    Friends, family, co-workers… it doesn’t matter who, just tell people. Telling others helps in a few ways. First, committing to it verbally helps solidify the goal in your mind. It also helps you works out areas that could threaten your success. In addition, if people around you are aware of your resolution, they most likely will try to avoid inadvertently tempting you. For example, if your resolution is to eat healthier, they may alter their plans to host dinner and prepare a healthy meal rather than suggest the burger place down the street.
  1. Focus on a single resolution at a time
    People often overwhelm themselves by committing to far too many resolutions at once. This can be a recipe for disaster. Focusing on a single resolution allows you to gain traction and begin making progress. If you want to lose weight and organize your house, chose one and start there. Think about what order would provide the most immediate impact and potentially hep the future resolutions. Exercising in a newly organized home sounds much better than trying to fight clutter while doing your morning workout routine.
  1. Recognize and celebrate progress
    Often it is easy to focus so much on the end result that those once achievable goals now seem like they’re moving further and further away. Recognizing the progress that you have made and allowing yourself to celebrate in the achievement can give you the boost you need to continue on to success.

Whatever New Year’s resolutions you set this year, remember why you set the goal. Research shows that if a person does something for 22 days in a row, they are more likely than not to have established a new habit. Use this to your advantage. Good luck.

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