Is There a Tornado On the Way? A Few Warning Signs and How ServiceMaster DSI Can Help with Board Up Services in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois & Indiana

Tornadoes are fascinating yet quite destructive natural occurrences. They have the strength to flip vehicles and inconveniently rip away the front door to your house. Besides what is known of their early warning signs, there is no foolproof way to predict whether or not a thunderstorm will produce one of Mother Nature’s most vicious creations. On that note, it would be quite helpful for those in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois to know the warning signs of an impending tornado, as well as the number for ServiceMaster DSI so you can utilize their board up services in case a twister takes the roof off your home.

According to The Weather Channel, the fall months are the second time of the year where we see a rise in the incidents of tornadoes. Therefore, it’s important to be refreshed on the following tornado warning signs, provided by Oklahoma’s EMSA:

  1. A common sign of a possible tornado is the sky being dark and having a greenish color to it.
  2. Use your ears. According to an interview of Tim Samaras—a renowned tornado chaser and researcher—the sound of a tornado depends on your geographical location. In rural areas, twisters may sound like a rushing waterfall. On the other hand, when tornadoes are in urban areas, they have been described to sound like a freight train.
  3. There will be an eerie calm before it touches down. If a storm is going to produce a tornado you’ll experience the usual strong winds, heavy rain, and hail, but then there will be a moment where all those symptoms cease. You might think the storm is over, however, that is actually the M.O. of a tornado about to hit the ground.

Being able to identify these warning signs could help you keep your family safe during severe weather. When it comes to these emergency situations, it’s helpful to be ready for as many possible outcomes as you can. If a tornado destroys your windows or rips your door apart, you’ll need to prevent any further travesties—such as people taking things from your home—from happening. For those living in either Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, or Indiana, you have the opportunity to utilize ServiceMaster DSI’s board up services to help protect your family after the event of a tornado destroying parts of your house. Your safety is their priority, so have their number available in case you need your home secured after severe weather. Call us today.

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