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The Stakes are High, in High-Rise Disaster Restoration

When your high-rise building experiences damage from water or a fire, you need a contractor with the large loss restoration experience to get you back to full operations. SRM has the experience, equipment and expertise to respond faster than any other provider in order to get you back in business sooner and with minimal disruption. From water damage caused by floods or storms to failed sprinkler systems and fire damage, no other contractor offers the level of expertise, client experience and communication that SRM provides. 

As any property professional knows, completing a restoration project in a multi-story high-rise building is much different than a single-story facility. Aspects such as containment and site logistics of moving equipment become more complex. SRM has spent the last 40 years refining a solution that meets the demanding requirements of working in these buildings. From vertically containing water damage caused by a failed sprinkler system, to installing large dehumidifiers on upper floors and even loading, unloading and equipment staging, we have developed the industry’s most effective restoration process for high-rise buildings.

SRM understands the importance and respects the relationships we build with property and facility managers. We know that providing facilities and operations professionals with clear communication and timely information is critical to the success of any restoration project. We also understand that being available whenever property management requires is crucial which is why we offer the only commercial restoration process engineered to work directly with property management.


As with any project, communication is often determining factor when it comes to gauging success. While each of our clients receives a direct cell phone number for their point-of-contact, what happens behind the scenes truly separates SRM from all others. We utilize the latest in project management software and a proprietary recovery management system to document every aspect of your project. Your project manager utilizes these systems to create daily reports which can be sent to any number of stakeholders as you determine. While these reports utilize our software and systems, they are not the generic, auto-generated reports many restoration providers use. Our custom created reports are second-to-none when it comes to delivering value information and maintaining transparency on projects.

Client Experience

Every aspect of SRM is built around delivering a superior client experience whether that during a loss or not. Other restoration contractors may try to provide a high level of client experience however, most are only concerned during a loss. SRM takes pride in delivering the highest-level client experience at all times. Whether this means offering CE classes for property professionals, conducting table-top planning exercises or providing exclusive experiences as the presenting sponsors of the Chicago Blackhawks we take the time to build relationships with our clients.

Site Logistics

Working in a multi-floor, high-rise building brings its own unique challenges, especially in a dense, downtown environment. While some providers are still able to work in these situations, they are typically highly ineffective which results in higher costs, longer downtime, more overall stress and increased confusion. SRM recognized the need for improved site logistics both in delivering and staging equipment as well as job-site logistics of preparing and containing areas and possibly temporarily relocating employees, residents or patients.

Over our 40 years in business we have developed and continuously refined our process for working in high-rise buildings. We analyze your property, identifying areas that may provide challenges during the project and develop a customized recovery plan specific to your needs. This custom recovery plan addresses any potential issues in order to deliver the most effective recovery and restoration possible. 

Experiencing a water loss in any facility is stressful enough, but a water damage high-rise building such as a high-rise office, hotel or condominium where water can damage lower floors the risk of damage is even higher. This increased risk requires the fastest response possible and the expertise to contain the water both horizontally and vertically. Without effectively containing the water vertically multiple floors can be damaged increasing costs and recovery time.

SRM has developed a proprietary process and set of protocols to deliver the most effective vertical containment available. From providing water damage recovery in hotels after Hurricane Katrina to helping with water restoration in condos and hospitals across the country, we have the experience, expertise and equipment required to successfully restore your building and minimize damages.

Fires can be fast moving and devastating to multi-floor properties. In addition, there is often multiple types of damage involved due to water damage from fire suppression systems or the fire department efforts. SRM understands the complexity of not only fire damage, but also the added challenge of working in a high-rise building. While the immediate fire damage may be contained to an individual area such as a breakroom or resident unit, smoke and soot can easily travel between floors and into adjoining areas such hallways or work areas. You need a commercial restoration expert who understands how fires move and act and the resulting damage.

SRM has 40 years of experience restoring high-rise buildings from fire damage. In addition, we are a true one-source-solution from mitigation to pack-out and reconstruction. No other provider offers the level of complete comprehensive services.


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