Heating and House Fires: Access Disaster Restoration in Chicago, IL

Disaster restoration in Chicago, IL is one service option we provide at ServiceMaster DSI. Unfortunately, disasters, such as a house fire, affect the home. In the Chicago area, temperatures are still quite cold, which leads to the need for heat in the home. Many homeowners use portable heating systems—units that are known to cause fires in the home. It’s important to learn more about space heater safety, so you can avoid a fire in the home. If your home is affected by a fire, disaster restoration services can be provided.

Space Heater Safety

Using space heaters in the home can provide comfort when Chicago temperatures plummet. However, the units can also cause a fire in the home. It’s important to learn how to use such heaters properly to avoid a house fire. Space heaters need to be used only when homeowners are home and should be turned off during the nighttime hours. Heaters should be placed in an area away from things, such as clothing or furniture, as this can start a fire. By using space heaters properly, you can avoid the need for disaster restoration within your Chicago, IL home.

Disaster Restoration after a Fire

If your home is subject to a fire due to space heater usage or another issue, disaster restoration can help your Chicago, IL property. With disaster restoration, our experts will review your home and determine a course of action. We’ll remove damaged items and materials, focusing on removing the smoke smell as well as soot stains from the home.

While you may look at your home and see a loss, we see promise. Our experts know how to restore a home after a fire and will work hard to revitalize your home as quickly as possible.

If you’ve been affected by a house fire, we can help. Contact our team today to learn more about the restoration services we provide after a fire occurs. We can be reached via telephone at (844) 413-3130. Give us a call today to see how we can help your home after a disastrous fire.

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