Handling Fabric and Upholstery Care with Comprehensive Fire Damage Restoration in Denver, CO

Fire is an all-inclusive detriment to your home or business. If your building experienced a fire, even in the smallest case, chances are high that the areas in and around the site of the flames were heavily impacted. Soot and smoke residue can linger for months without proper remediation, permeating every porous surface and saturating soft materials. In cases where fire has affected fabrics and upholstery, seeking professional help during the restoration process is the best choice you can make for a full recovery. At ServiceMaster DSI, we provide comprehensive fire damage restoration in Denver, CO, when fire impacts your home or business.

The trials of handling fabrics exposed to smoke and soot are often underestimated. Without the experience and training our professional restoration technicians possess, it is very difficult to prevent further damage to your fabric and upholstered items.

There are two kinds of smoke damage that can affect your building: visible soot, and invisible odors.

Visible soot is recognizable by the black, dark brown, or yellow stains left on surfaces. Soot is a highly corrosive, acidic material, and its particles will weaken plastics, etch glass and ceramic surfaces, and tarnish metals. Fabrics are one of the most fragile materials in your home or business, and the powerfully-damaging particles of soot can easily eat away at the fibers in your carpets, upholstery, and other fibrous items.

Invisible odors are also a result of smoke damage. The stench left from the combustion process and the carbon-based molecules in smoke can leave a myriad of lasting, unpleasant odors in your fabrics if restoration steps are not immediately taken. While unsavory, these odors can also contain particles dangerous to inhale, leaving behind what is known as thirdhand smoke. In some cases, this form of smoke residue causes minor to severe health problems, especially in infants and children.

Our restoration teams are trained to handle fire-damaged fabrics, treating them with expert hands and top of the line equipment. In the face of a building fire, big or small, the process of recovery doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Simply call ServiceMaster DSI at (800) 954-9444 for comprehensive fire damage restoration in Denver, CO, and our staff will help your home or business make a full recovery.

One thought on “Handling Fabric and Upholstery Care with Comprehensive Fire Damage Restoration in Denver, CO

  1. My cousin had a fire in her house last weekend and so we are wanting to help her restore what is left. I did not even know there were companies the specialized in restoring things from fire. I did not know about visible soot and invisible soot. It sounds like the best thing to do is call the professionals instead of attempt to do this ourselves. I will suggest this to my cousin and see what she thinks. Thanks for the information!

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