Get Disaster Remediation Help with ServiceMaster DSI this Summer in Chicago, Kansas City, Springfield, Indianapolis, Denver and the Midwest

You may have heard of the massive rain storm that hit northern Michigan earlier this month. Midwest states are no stranger to heavy rainfall during powerful summer thunderstorms. On top of exterior disaster damage repair, you may find yourself with soaked carpet in your basement from flooding. This is an intense water damage remediation situation that can become very costly if you don’t act quickly. From smoke damage to mold remediation and water damage remediation, ServiceMaster DSI serves Chicago, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Denver and Midwest states for all disaster remediation situations.

Identifying water damage as soon as possible is key to quickly resolving a potentially disastrous situation. If you feel dampness on your carpet, peel it back. Remove the spongy padding from beneath as it is impossible to save once it becomes damaged. Remove all furniture and electronics from the affected area, and disinfect walls and floorboards underneath to prevent mold growth.

Carpet may be salvageable if you quickly peel it back. If you have a small damaged area, lift up the wet carpet and drape it over some plastic chairs. Aim fans at the wet carpet to circulate air, and open windows. Dehumidifiers can speed up the drying process. If you have a large scale flooding situation, gather sponges and buckets to absorb the excess water. Dump it outside until you have a manageable idea of how much damage you are dealing with.

If you’re overwhelmed and have no clue what to do, please give us a call as soon as possible. Even if it’s late at night, ServiceMaster DSI has a 24-hour emergency line you can call to get help and advice immediately. Disaster remediation services can salvage your home and provide equipment that will speed up the cleaning process quickly and effectively. If you have a water damage situation in Chicago, Kansas City, Springfield, Indianapolis, Denver or elsewhere in the Midwest, call ServiceMaster DSI today for a complete listing of our services.

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