Fighting a Fire: Learn How Disaster Restoration in Chicago, IL, Can Help

For most homeowners, they feel the threat of fire comes in the wintertime when heating units are in continuous use. However, a fire can occur at any time, even during the summer months. Knowing how to fight a fire is important as well as who to turn to for help. With ServiceMaster DSI’s disaster restoration services in Chicago, IL, homeowners have access to experienced professionals when it comes to restoring their home.

Types of Fires
Fires are classified in different categories that are based on the fuel source. By learning more about the types of fires that can occur, you can determine if you can take preventative action. A Class A Fire is one that can be extinguished by water. This is the type that will start from fuel sources such as wood, plastic, paper, fabric, or trash. Water can extinguish this type of fire and minimize damage if caught early on.

Class B is a type that is extinguished by depleting oxygen. This type of fire is the result of flammable gas or liquids such as alcohol, paint, solvents, gasoline, or kerosene. This type of fire must be smothered in order to put it out. Never try to put out this type of fire with water as it will only cause the flames to spread, which makes the job of disaster restoration in your Chicago, IL, home more difficult.

A Class C fire will take place due to electrical power. If the power is shut off, the source of the fire is put out. Any flames will need to be suppressed with chemicals such as carbon dioxide.

It’s important to learn the difference in fires and know when to act. For the most part, putting out the flames should be left to the professionals, and the cleanup left to disaster restoration experts, such as ServiceMaster DSI. When your Chicago, IL, home is affected by fire, let ServiceMaster DSI’s team of professionals provide the restoration services required to get your home safely back to normal for you and your family.

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