Drought-Causing Weather Patterns Increase the Need for Water Damage Restoration in Denver, CO

It’s common for Colorado to experience a drought or two for a certain period of time each summer, but the long drought that started off the spring and has worked its way with only small interruptions late into June might have a big effect on home and business owners. Because of the unusually high temperatures and extreme lack of rain, conditions have been ideal for wildfires and building fires alike. Sadly, this increase in fire damage goes hand-in-hand with an increased risk of water damage. During the drought season, you can count on ServiceMaster DSI for expert, comprehensive fire damage restoration and water damage restoration in Denver, CO.

While “drought” and “water damage” aren’t often conjoining topics of interest, summer droughts provide the heat and dryness perfect for unexpected fires inside and outside. This fire weather increases your risk of a building fire, and if that fire is put out by sprinklers and/or fire hoses, there’s a high chance you’ll have to deal with water damage in addition to smoke and burn damage.

A Dry Heat

The extreme drought has stuck around long enough to evaporate most of the moisture from the air and ground, leaving plants and other flammable materials across the Denver-Aurora metro area as great kindling for an unwanted fire. The abnormally high temperatures simply increase the risk of large scale fire damage and water damage.

Wildfires burning around the metro area rarely reach urban locations, but with drought conditions at a peak, the distance between wildfires and buildings can quickly diminish in high winds. Lawns and parks can be starting locations of fires that may burn large scale areas of urban neighborhoods and commercial districts.

The Denver Fire Department and the courageous people who fight wildfires are highly trained professionals, and they do a wonderful job of putting out flames and protecting the city. However, with each fire quelled, the aftermath remains. Fire damage and water damage are virtually inevitable at the site of each building fire, and cleanup can be difficult without help.

This drought season, be prepared for the possibility of a fire in your home or business, and remember to call ServiceMaster DSI for comprehensive large scale fire damage restoration and water damage restoration in Denver, CO. For more information, or to place a service request, please contact us at (844) 413-3130 today.

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