Dangers of Flooding and Particles from South Platte River without Water Damage Restoration in Denver, CO

Running directly through the city of Denver and forming many of the major tributaries in the Denver-Aurora Metro Area is the South Platte River. The flow of the South Platte is often considered to be a vital aspect of Denver life and history, providing drinking water, recreation, and industry. However, dangers such as flooding and water damage come with the South Platte River as well. In cases of damage to your home or business from flooding or otherwise, contact ServiceMaster DSI for water damage restoration in Denver, CO.

The Platte River is one of the most significant tributaries of the Missouri River, which in turn is a tributary of the Mississippi River. Both the North and South Platte Rivers come together to form the greater Platte River.

For the South Platte River, which most directly impacts Denver and the surrounding counties, the variability of the waters have long been a catch-22 for residents and business owners. While the South Platte offers the greatest water source for the cities in the area, it also offers dangers of flooding and runoff, both of which introduce exposure to contaminants, flood-borne pathogens, and natural sediment/particulates.

The South Platte is largely fed by snowmelt from the Rockies pooled at the base of the Colorado Front Range and the Great Plains. This system can be unpredictable and the water levels entering the river often fluctuate depending on the amounts of snow, the rains passing over the mountains, and the buildup of sediments or other obstructive factors.

In some cases, such as the devastating Colorado floods of 2013 and the urban flooding during the summer of 2015, the South Platte poses a significant risk for water damage in homes, businesses, municipal buildings, and more. During times of flooding, buildings are at risk of exposure to numerous pollutants picked up along the way by the raging waters.

These materials are often toxic or otherwise dangerous to your home or business and the people and pets exposed. This includes, but is not limited to, sediment, raw sewage, fertilizer and manure, industrial materials, toxic chemicals, oil and gasoline, mold, bacteria, and some viruses.

To avoid the dangers brought with flooding from the South Platte River, comprehensive water damage restoration in Denver, CO is crucial. For more information about ServiceMaster DSI professional restoration, contact us at 303.288.2900 today.


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