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Minimize Business Interruption with Temporary Power Equipment Before a Disaster Strikes

 As part of ServiceMaster DSI’s proactive disaster recovery plan, we can help your company minimize business interruption before a storm, hurricane, tornado, wildfire or other types of disaster even hits your facility by staging emergency power equipment. We understand each situation is unique but with our 40+ years of experience, we can evaluate your property for potential risks and determine how much generator power you will need, if you will need temporary temperature control and temporary lighting. After the assessment, we can stage the necessary equipment and resources for your specific building to allow for the fastest, most effective recovery response possible.

Keep Your Business Running After a Disaster Strikes with Generators, Temporary Air Conditioners and Light Towers

For your commercial building, any downtime during a disaster restoration project means that more money is coming out of your pocket. Moreover, your products or services themselves might not be functional without a power source. ServiceMaster DSI can provide emergency power to your facility that will help you keep your business up and running in the aftermath of a disaster. When a regional disaster strikes and the response begins, one of the first demands is power. As a Service Recovery Management (SRM) business, we are able to utilize our ServiceMaster partners across the country to secure hard to find resources to meet the emergency power needs of businesses affected by a disaster.

Our emergency power services are not just limited to providing electricity to your commercial facility. In addition to providing temporary power with our generator rentals, we can also provide temporary climate control equipment and light towers to better support the needs of critical facilities such as hospitals, government buildings, and educational facilities. When a disaster strikes, both residents and business owners alike look to ServiceMaster DSI to help keep the most important services in operation.

Emergency power is crucial to helping organizations and residents after a disaster. For example, after Hurricane Katrina, we provided emergency power to a hospital in the area. This hospital was the only one that remained open within 100 miles, offering refuge and help to many displaced by the storm.

Some of the other emergency power services that ServiceMaster DSI provides include:

Temporary air conditioning and cooling towers can help preserve your product or stock. Many items are temperature sensitive, and continued controlled temperatures are required. With the help of ServiceMaster DSI’s temporary air conditioning and cooling towers, you can lessen the financial loss of a disaster by keeping your products usable. Our temperature control services also help preserve valuable documents and artifacts, like after a major disaster strikes a museum.

Emergency Power Equipment After Major Power Outage or Blackout

Power outages usually occur when a regional storm event happens and often takes several days to be restored. We understand closing your business for even a few days due to a power outage can be devastating to your company’s profits. This is why ServiceMaster DSI offers 24/7 emergency response to businesses needing emergency temporary power equipment.

You don’t have to completely shut down your business or commercial facility when you don’t have electricity. ServiceMaster DSI can provide you with emergency power services that will keep your business on top of things. Contact us or click here today to learn more about our emergency power services, disaster restoration services and pre-loss planning options to make sure your business is prepared.


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