Restoring Your Carpets After Flooding and Water Damage of All Kinds With Professional Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis, IN

Whether it’s winter or summer, Midwest weather is notorious for frequent precipitation and high humidity. In the winter, ice dams, burst pipes, and trapped indoor moisture pose dangers of flooding, while the summer features natural flooding, rainwater, and consistent humidity inside and out. In other words, flooding and water damage are very real potential problems for homeowners and businesses across the humid continental climate of the Midwest. If you’ve experienced problems with flooding or water damage, ServiceMaster DSI provides comprehensive water damage restoration including expert restorative carpet cleaning in Indianapolis, IN.

When it comes to indoor flooding, there are several levels of severity determined by the contents of the floodwater. These levels can be divided into three categories, which affect your carpets in different ways.

  1. Sanitary: If rainwater pools, pipes burst, or other sources of clean or filtered water flood your home or business, this is considered sanitary flooding, and it’s the best possible scenario for when flooding occurs. Your carpets can easily be disinfected in the event of sanitary flooding with our safe yet effective green cleaning and state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment. Our technicians also have expert training in comprehensive water extraction and dehydration to prevent long-term damage from mold growth and bacteria in your carpets.
  2. Unsanitary: Unfortunately, unsanitary flooding is the most common type of indoor flooding and source of water damage. Most types of water, including dish water, shower water, ground water, still water, and burst pipes not containing filtered water, are considered unsanitary. This means they contain harmful particulates like bacteria, mold spores, and even viruses that can infect your carpets beyond recovery without immediate professional carpet cleaning assistance. Our carpet cleaning technicians can often restore carpets affected by unsanitary flooding, but there are times when carpeting should be completely replaced for safety reasons.
  3. Black water: Any flood waters containing raw sewage, agricultural runoff, dangerous chemicals, or high concentrations of biohazards are categorized as black water. Carpets affected by black water flooding should be replaced immediately. Our cleaning technicians can treat other materials affected by black water flooding, but carpeting, upholstery, and other porous materials are often irretrievable.

In most cases, our carpet cleaning technicians can restore your carpets after they’re damaged by flood waters. For more information about our commercial and residential services including carpet cleaning in Indianapolis, IN, contact ServiceMaster DSI at (844) 413-3130 today.

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