Rely on Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis, IN, When Disaster Strikes

In a large-scale loss scenario within the home, several aspects can be involved, with restoration services needed. Take for example a flooding scenario. If water were to enter the home due to flash flooding or another natural disaster, any carpeting in the home would be soaked with water and in need of cleaning. The water must be removed in order to restore the home and avoid any future issues. When it comes to flooding in the home, rely on carpet cleaning services in Indianapolis, IN, to see your home restored.

How Water Affects Carpeting

In a disaster scenario where water has entered the home, carpeting will instantly begin to soak up the water. In most homes, carpeting is installed with a carpet padding, so there is essentially two layers above the subfloor. When water enters the home, the carpeting material will begin to soak up the water. Over time, the water continues to soak into the material, seeping down into the padding and then on to the subfloor. Depending on the amount of water in the home and how long it has sat unattended, the flooring and subfloor may have to be replaced.

Most homeowners have no idea how to take care of water damage in the home, particularly when it comes to carpeting. With carpet cleaning in Indianapolis, IN, via ServiceMaster DSI, your carpeting will be assessed and a plan created. For the most part, carpeting can be cleaned, with all moisture removed without the need for a new installation.

All water and moisture have to be removed from the flooring if it is to stay in the home. Any moisture left behind can result in mold and mildew growth, which is bad for the home and the health of those living inside. With our help, your home will be restored, with your carpeting saved or replaced to ensure a safe environment for your loved ones and no future issues in the home.

When your home is affected by water damage, contact our cleaning experts at ServiceMaster DSI. We’re ready to assist and can provide more information on our carpet cleaning services for Indianapolis, IN, or we can schedule an appointment. Call us today at (844) 413-3130.

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