The Point of No Return for Building Fires and Beginning the Recovery Process With Fire Damage Restoration in Kansas City, MO

All building fires are damaging to the homes and businesses they affect, and even the smallest kitchen blaze can leave long-term soot and smoke damage if restorative action is not taken. ServiceMaster DSI provides emergency and comprehensive fire damage restoration in Kansas City, MO, so home and business owners can recover from the effects of building fires. Despite the experience and high quality training of our restoration technicians, the fact remains that some fires leave behind damage to building structures that would be dangerous to superficially restore.

When fires reach a certain temperature, they can damage most materials beyond repair. Our restoration technicians are trained to recognize the symptoms of building structures that have been damaged beyond repair and that need replacement. Fire affects each building material in a different way and each material can become permanently damaged at a different temperature.

Steel withstands high heat compared to many other building materials, retaining almost full structural integrity up to 930º F. However, there are many types of steel that begin to become distorted from extended exposure to temperatures above 600º F. Distorted steel may still be as strong as the original form, but it can also be altered beyond use from the flames.

Wood is a highly combustible building material that quickly deteriorates at temperatures above 400º F. Even extended exposure to temperatures as low as 150º F can begin to damage the structural integrity of wood beams, panels, and bars. Charring and acid burns are a common symptom of minor to severe fire and soot damage.

Concrete is one of the strongest building materials in the face of heat. Even with exposure to flames between 800º F and 1,100º F, concrete can emerge with minor damage. Concrete can experience minute cracking and surface breaks at temperatures above 1,100º F, and concretes with silica compounds can lose almost 50% of their integrity past 1,200º F.

Brick and mortar is also able to withstand high temperatures, having already been fired at around 1,000º F before construction use. Most masonry can hold integrity up to 1,800º F, although mortar can crack and crumble at much lower temperatures (between 500º and 700ºF).

For all types of building materials, our restoration technicians are trained recognize the signs of minor to extreme fire damage. Contact ServiceMaster DSI at (844) 413-3130 for expert disaster recovery and comprehensive fire damage restoration in Kansas City, MO

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