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DSI Holdings Acquires Second Largest ServiceMaster Franchise Group

DSI Holdings, the largest owner and operator of ServiceMaster Restore and SRM franchises in the United States has announced that it has acquired the second largest franchise ownership group in the ServiceMaster network, ServiceMaster by Hedden, of Maple Grove, MN. DSI Holdings, the largest owner and operator of ServiceMaster Restore and SRM franchises in the […]

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Protect Yourself After a Traumatic Incident With Trauma Cleanup in Chicago, IL

When a violent crime, traumatic accident, or suicide takes place, the family feels responsible for the cleanup of the scene. In the past, the family was the only individuals who were there to handle the cleaning of the scene as best as possible. However, over the years, trauma cleanup services have emerged across the United […]

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Plumbing Problems Causing Flooding? Rely on Water Damage Restoration in Denver, CO

There are many ways that water can enter the home due to plumbing issues. Plumbing pipes can burst which can lead to water flooding into the home. If this happens while you’re away at work, you may come home to a flooded room or several rooms with water in your home. Septic systemscan also back up which can lead to water damage. Whatever the case may be, our technicians have the know-how to provide water damage restoration to ensure your Denver, CO home is back to normal in no time.

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Heating and House Fires: Access Disaster Restoration in Chicago, IL

Disaster restoration in Chicago, IL is one service option we provide at ServiceMaster DSI. Unfortunately, disasters, such as a house fire, affect the home. In the Chicago area, temperatures are still quite cold, which leads to the need for heat in the home. Many homeowners use portable heating systems—units that are known to cause fires […]

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Why You Need Professional Hoarding Cleanup Assistance in Kansas City, MO

When someone you love struggles with a hoarding disorder, the cleanup process can be tough. You have to ensure the hoarder is ready to clean up the space, the process is done in the correct way, and emotional help is available during the process. The best way to assist is to ensure that you receive […]

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Free Continuing Education (CE) Classes Available for Insurance Professionals

As a thank you to Insurance Professionals, ServiceMaster DSI, offers free Continuing Education (CE) courses in each of our branch locations (Chicago, Champaign, Denver, Downers Grove, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Lake Zurich, Princeton, Rockford, Springfield, IL, and Springfield, MO). All ServiceMaster DSI courses are free to licensed Insurance Personnel and meet all state property/casualty continuing education […]

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Accident in the Workplace: Let Trauma Cleanup in Denver, CO by ServiceMaster DSI Restore Your Business

In an industrial work environment, accidents are common. Unfortunately, most industrial job sites require heavy machinery or machines that can be dangerous to operate. Often times, accidents occur where employees are severely injured or even die due to machine malfunctions or accidents. When an accident occurs in the workplace, it can be a traumatic event […]

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Rely on Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis, IN, When Disaster Strikes

In a large-scale loss scenario within the home, several aspects can be involved, with restoration services needed. Take for example a flooding scenario. If water were to enter the home due to flash flooding or another natural disaster, any carpeting in the home would be soaked with water and in need of cleaning. The water […]

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