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ServiceMaster Recovery Management Donates to Chicago Blackhawks Foundation to Help with COVID-19 Community Support

As the Covid-19 Pandemic continues, the impact being felt across the country extends well beyond the immediate effects of the virus. Schools which remain closed leave many children looking for another source of food and lunches. Workers laid off struggle to provide for their families. Community activities being cancelled means children are left trying to […]

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Maintaining a Healthy Business After COVID-19

After a long quarantine, states are preparing to open back up with businesses resuming operations. While the economy may need the boost, it’s important to remember that just because people are venturing out again does not mean the coronavirus has disappeared. While we navigate this new normal, it’s important to make every effort to establish […]

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Pandemic Planning and the Coronavirus

Pandemics and viral outbreaks can be challenging to plan for effectively. Beyond the immediate threat of the virus, there are many factors which businesses and facilities need to account for such as increased rate of employee absenteeism, service disruption, supply chain interruptions, alternative working arrangements and much more. Included in this planning guide we cover […]

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Steps to Turn On Outside Water Spigot After Winter

Every spring, homeowners are itching to get out into their garden after a winter stuck indoors. Early spring is the perfect time to plant bulbs or vegetables of choice! Turning the outside spigot on after winter can be daunting. If the homeowners did not winterize their outside spigot correctly, they could have water damage that […]

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The Coronavirus: What is it? How did it start? What to do next.

It is nearly impossible to turn on a TV, visit a news website or read a newspaper without seeing something on the latest health concern, the Coronavirus. That being said, even with all the coverage there is not a lot of information on what the virus is, how it was started, how people can prevent […]

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The Challenge of Mold in Modern Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

A simple online search for mold in hospitals will return decades old articles and posts covering the increased focus on preventing and reducing mold in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. However, a 2019 ABC News article linked 6 deaths in hospitals to mold. It is not for a lack of trying that healthcare facilities struggle […]

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Protect Your Home While Traveling Checklist

You booked your itinerary and packed your suitcase, but before you leave, take the time to properly secure your home and belongings. Home burglaries, water, and fire disasters are not fun to think about but often happen when homeowners are gone. To fully enjoy your trip, plan appropriate home security and maintenance with this checklist. […]

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How Ice Dams Form and How to Prevent Them

Ice Dams are very common on properties in cold and snowy areas. Although very pretty to look at, they can cause major damage to homes and businesses. Ice dams can tear off gutters, loosen shingles, and even cause water damage to the property. Avoid the greatest risks by learning how to prevent ice dams from […]

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Having been an independent business owner, worked as an executive for a Fortune 500 franchising company, and now as CEO of the largest ownership and management group in the ServiceMaster franchise network, my partners and I are often asked by aspiring entrepreneurs and investors about the value of franchising. Whether you are looking to get […]

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