Chris Veldman has over 20 years experience in the disaster restoration industry. Over that time, Chris’s main focus has been account management with an expertise in accounting, finance and budgeting.

Chris attended the University of Chicago and received a Bachelor of Science in Economic. While in school, Chris worked as an Assistant Manager at a local restaurant in Chicago. As Assistant Manager, Chris was responsible for the scheduling of employees while maintaining an eye on the stores profit margins. Chris has to manage the labor and product margins to ensure the stores success.

After school, Chris worked for ServiceMaster DSI as an Accounts Receivable Manager. In this position, Chris excelled at helping manage the company’s cash flow. Chris was responsible for timely billing and collections. Through the years of success, ServiceMaster DSI grew from a single location to 14 locations stretching across Illinois and Missouri.

Chris is currently the Chief Financial Officer for ServiceMaster DSI. His expertise has been essential in the company’s ability to grow. Chris’s ability to manage cash flow has allowed ServiceMaster DSI to have the equity to take on large commercial projects around the world. These projects range from nationally renowned universities in the Midwest to manufacturing plants in Thailand.



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