Avoid Mold Issues with Water Damage Cleanup in Chicago, IL

Finding water damage in your Chicago home is never a good sign. Whether you find a water spot on the ceiling or flooding in the basement, water can lead to major issues in your home if not addressed quickly. Take, for example, flooding in a basement. The water must be removed quickly and the area dried completely to prevent the development of mold. Time and time again, homeowners are left with mold issues due to water damage they were unaware of or water damage that wasn’t cleaned properly. With water damage restoration, you have access to the latest equipment and techniques for water removal and damage treatment in your home, ensuring you’re not affected by mold in the future.

 What Mold Does to the Home

Without immediate and proper water damage cleanup, mold and mildew will begin to grow in and near the moisture source within 48 hours. Once it starts it can quickly spread into other areas of your Chicago, IL home. Mold can cause all sorts of repair issues as well as health hazards. Any surface that’s contaminated with mold will have to be cleaned correctly. As far as your health is concerned, mold can lead to respiratory issues that can be particularly harmful to children and the elderly. With the right water damage restoration service for your home, mold issues can be avoided and your home made safe once again.

 The Restoration Process

At ServiceMaster DSI-Enterprise, we specialize in cleaning major loss scenarios involving water damage. Our water damage restoration services in Chicago, IL, consist of the latest methods of cleanup as well as the best tools to ensure your home is restored to its former state. During our restoration services, any standing water will be thoroughly extracted from the home. The property will then be evaluated and dried utilizing industrial air movers and dehumidifiers so no moisture remains. Repairs will be completed, and personal belongings cleaned as needed.

We work hard to ensure your home is dried and restored as quickly and efficiently as possible. If your home suffers water damage, contact our office immediately at (844) 413-3130 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our water damage service options.

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