Avoid Contributing to Forest Fires this Summer in Kansas City, Chicago, and Indianapolis, and Denver with These Safety Tips—Call ServiceMaster DSI for Disaster Restoration Help

According to the Huffington Post, the unusually snowy winters the Midwest has experienced in recent years is contributing to a growing number of forest fires in the summer. The vibrant growth of vegetation in the plains and farm fields creates a lot of combustible materials for fires to consume. Humans are the biggest contributing cause to forest fires, and with some easy tips, you can avoid being an instigator. ServiceMaster DSI serves the Kansas City, Chicago, Indianapolis, Denver and Midwest area in disaster renovation clean-up and prevention.

Equipment Maintenance

Using a machine like a leaf blower or chain saw leaves behind a lot of flammable particles. Using an MSE spark arrestor is a good way to trap sparks before they can be released into the air or onto the ground. A general purpose (GP) spark arrestor is designed for engines that stay in a single position. These work well for machines like dirt bikes, motor cycles, and lawn mowers.

 Follow Forest Regulations

Most parks prohibit smoking on the premises because a single spark can carry quickly if a lot of dry timber is surrounding it. According to the NY Times, a forest fire in Massachusetts caused around $84,000 in damage when a single cigarette was carelessly tossed. Heed park rules and avoid a hefty fine from a park ranger and causing thousands in damage to nearby acreage and homes.

 Prepare Burning Sites Correctly

If you do plan to burn leaves or other miscellaneous things in tubs, follow some simple rules to ensure you are doing the procedure safely. According to SmokeyBear.com, surround the metal barrel with dirt and sand to extinguish debris quickly. Keep surroundings up to 10 feet away watered down during the fire. Call your local fire department and get your burning site confirmed. Remain near the fire for the entire duration of the burn, as an unattended fire can spiral out of control quickly if a strong gust of wind comes through.

Fires are a great way to clear out leaves and debris when cleaning your yard during the summer months. Ensure you are burning only legal, organic materials. Do not burn tires and plastics. Be respectful of the beautiful scenery the Midwest has to offer and enjoy it safely this summer! If you are dealing with the aftermath of a fire, call ServiceMaster DSI for all your disaster renovation needs in the Chicago, Kansas City, Indianpolis, Denver and Midwest areas!







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