ServiceMaster DSI Hosts Live Burn

ServiceMaster DSI Hosts Live Burn

On Friday, October 6th, ServiceMaster DSI partnered with the Plainfield Fire Department and presented a Live Burn Continuing Education demonstration for over 60 clients at the Plainfield Fire Protection District in Plainfield, IL. The Live Burn event started with a Continuing Education class, titled Understanding Smoke Mitigation, where ServiceMaster DSI reviewed proper smoke mitigation steps with insurance professionals and how they can help reduce the severity of loss for their policyholder’s property. After the class, the attendees observed live burn demonstrations in six custom-built fire scenes to learn how different fires occur in homes and businesses, what insureds can do after a fire occurs at their property, and how ServiceMaster DSI can help.

As a national leader in fire restoration, ServiceMaster DSI has seen first-hand what a devastating experience a fire is to a family, property owner, and/or business.  This is why ServiceMaster DSI hosts disaster preparedness training programs for their clients such as this Live Burn event.  “You will hear a lot of us say in our presentations to our clients that the key is preparedness and to be ahead of the game. During the live burn demonstration, you would have heard a lot of questions and answers on how to coach insureds when something goes wrong, how to react to them, when they should or shouldn’t leave their home, etc. This is why we are bringing these live burns, live floods, and other types of events to our clients to have them more prepared in the future, not only when it happens, but before it happens, so they can react better when it does happen,” said Cal McCarty, National Director of Sales at ServiceMaster DSI.

Click here to learn more about our CE classes that ServiceMaster DSI offers in your area or call our 24/7/365 live customer service center at 844-413-3130.

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